Enable Your Prokey Device as a U2F Security Key For Your Online Accounts

U2F’s simple and strong process.

What can you get from using U2F?

Setting up your Prokey device to use U2F

  • Head to the Settings/Preference page of your profile on a website or application
  • Find Account Security or anything similar
  • Make sure you have enabled the 2FA (two factor authentication) setting
  • Under the 2FA section, there will be an option named Security Keys or something similar
  • Choose to add a device or a security key
  • You will be prompted to connect your device (in this case, your Prokey) to the computer
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • You will then be prompted with a confirmation screen on your Prokey device. Press OK to continue.
  • A confirmation message will appear on the website or application saying that you have successfully added your Prokey device as a U2F-enabled security key

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